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And it continues!

On your screen, you will see two different fields of work displayed at a time with examples. In each case, you should select the one you would prefer to do. You must select an option each time, even if it's not an easy choice!

Smilies will help you to answer some of the questions where you have to select from a 4-level scale from 'definitely' to 'definitely not'.

After you have answered all of the TALENT CHECK questions, you will receive your result in the form of a diagram. This will show you which fields of work correspond most closely to your interests and preferences and which jobs these fields contain. Particular emphasis will be placed on explaining and presenting the jobs in terms of opportunities for women.

At the beginning of the CHECK, you will be asked 5 questions about you as a person. These are used solely for statistical purposes. At the end of the test, we ask you to complete 5 feedback questions. In this way, you can help us to improve TALENT CHECK. Any details you enter as part of TALENT CHECK will, of course, remain anonymous.

We wish you every enjoyment and success!