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Welcome to the TALENT CHECK, Ladies!

There are many jobs with which you will be familiar with but also many which you may know very little or nothing about.

What first steps should you take in choosing a career?

You can begin with researching your interests and preferences. - This is the first step and is better targeted than simply selecting a job from the vast quantity of familiar and unfamiliar jobs.

The second step involves comparing your interests and talents to each field of work and each job - this will give you a result. You may come across jobs which you think are primarily carried out by men. But please note! This may be nothing more than a stereotype as all career and education paths are open to women today, as they are to men, and it's simply a matter of grabbing the opportunity! If you find some matches, then you are a great deal closer to making a well-founded career choice.

With TALENT CHECK it only takes a short time to identify your interests and preferences and to find suitable careers!

TALENT CHECK is available in English, German, French, Italian and Greek. Please select a language.

Try it now - it will only take 7 to 10 minutes!